What is IP Law?


Intellectual property law is what protects the brand names that promise quality services and products, signal a company’s reputation, and which grab people’s attention. It is also what protects the messages, designs, creations, know-how and inventions, that are years — if not decades — in the making.


If you have a question about how trademark, copyright, and patent and trade secret laws can protect your brands, messages and designs, or innovative ideas, contact us.


Who Benefits From IP Law?



  • Inventors enforcing their patent rights or defending claims by patent owners;
  • Companies building brand names, from consumer goods to sophisticated medical devices and services;
  • Business owners and executives wondering if their insurance covers a lawsuit concerning intellectual property;
  • Inventors seeking the benefits of patent protection;
  • Businesses transacting with other businesses for know-how, brand names, goodwill, or joint research and development initiatives;
  • Creative artists with questions about protecting their works;
  • Investors performing due diligence;
  • Litigators requiring intellectual property consultants; and
  • Marketing teams with questions about advertising practices and competitors violating unfair competition laws.