Our Experience



Since 2006, the firm has been at the leading edge of technology, patent, copyright, trademark, and unfair competition law. We represent a range of clients in a variety of industries, from international corporations to individual authors and artists.


We counsel clients from the inception of their idea to the establishment of a national, or even international, brand. In between, we pilot businesses through the intellectual property protection process, the pursuit of capital and the successful management of intellectual property portfolios.


As litigators with decades of experience in the courtroom, we can be called upon to pursue a competitor that steals a company’s make-or-break idea, or improperly trades on a client’s brand, goodwill, or other critical intangibles. We are our clients’ best protection in these and other intellectual property matters.


Our team, along with a national network of attorneys, experts, litigators, and professional staff, possesses a wealth of experience working within a wide range of industries.


Our Ethos


As lawyers, it is our responsibility to first establish the components critical to any relationship: communication and trust. As intellectual property lawyers, it is our responsibility to arm our clients with our expertise, to maximize their intellectual property portfolio, and to minimize a business’s intellectual property liabilities. We engage each client with the goal of putting them in the best posture to realize gains from their know-how, their messages, and the good will that they create. Our services help our clients make intelligent decisions on behalf of owners, investors, and invaluable employees.

The Attorney-Client Relationship


National and international intellectual property regulations can be a burden. We are prepared to create strategic business ideas with clients. We are here to help our clients navigate intellectual property regulations and make long-term investment decisions. We build business-to-business relationships based on trust and availability. Year after year, we invest our time in relationships that grow our clients’ understanding of the marketplace, of intellectual property matters, and strategies critical to growing their businesses

Our Mission


We protect our clients’ property and defend our clients’ actions. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, becoming intimately familiar with the nuances of their organizations and their industries.


Our goal is to be the law firm our clients turn to for their intellectual property needs. As a result of our dedication to our clients, we continually receive referrals from existing clients and from opposing counsel.